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Welcome to the Assetive5 - Insightful data in bytes

Quick and hopefully thought provoking points of information that look to stimulate and promote discussion.

A1: From our good friends at Apollo Global Management, it is unbelievable (certainly relative to modern history), how fast the Fed is moving to potentially remove stimulus from the economy. Hiking/removal was always seen as a plodding industry, but potentially not any more.

A2: From a recent article in Bloomberg, the expectation seems to be that hybrid - WFH is here to stay as this managers survey seems to purport.

A3: Inflation, inflation and more inflation. The main question remains - is it transitory or has the years of hyper capital growth finally reengaged traditional inflation? And if so, is US monetary policy behind the curve? (Source from the BLS and Eurostat)

A4: As we round out the year, our friends at Visual Capitalist have posted an interesting infographic looking back (to-date) at the biggest "unicorns" in 2021 - those that have values over $10b.

A5: Finishing off our inaugural Assetive5 is an excellent chart from Paul Kedrosky utilizing data from the USDA and the CDC - with a marked reminder that correlation does not presume causation.

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