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Assetive5 #2 - Insightful data in bytes

A few insights drawn during the holidays...

A1. With inflation still a global concern, we are turning our focus to real assets (which tend to do quite well in inflationary circumstances). McKinsey & Company did a nice job of summarizing their distribution in the global economy.

A2. Just like in public markets, valuations in private equity (as well as deal flow) are hitting all time highs. Pitchbook did an admirable job of presenting the stark growth. Sustainable into '22?

A3. The topic of population growth has been gaining more traction as some countries tackle "population replacement" concerns. Andres Sundell (along with NASA) has created an interesting heat map showing our global population concentration.

A4. Reflecting on the year that was, this chart from Bloomberg really drives home for me the amount of capital that went into the market last year.

A5. Ending again with good data gone bad, loved this chart showing at best spurious correlation - well done eleanor.

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