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Assetive5 #4 - Insightful data in bytes

With Q1 '22 almost in the books - a bit of a reflection as to what has been driving our data analytics.

A1. An interesting infographic from Aljazeera's AJ Labs, looking at the which countries are the recipients of Russia's global weapon sales.

A2. With volatility pervading both the economy and international affairs, we revisited our studies on some of potentially inherent biases - with survivorship bias a key aspect in risk minimization strategies. This forces us to look past the obvious conclusions from data, go deeper.

A3. Globalization seems not to have affected the English language as the most common language spoken on the planet. Interestingly enough, ESL are almost 4x more numerous than first language. Great post by Nail Kaye (@neilrkaye)

A4. Interesting that Pew Research Center and Statista was able to come up with this map, but it reinforces the notion that boundaries in Europe remain tenuous throughout the bloc.

A5. With gas prices at the pump at or near time highs, it goes to show that inflationary costs (be they monetary, resource or time) pervade the entire global economy (both physical and digital). Outstanding highlight by Lev Borodovsky and his team at The Daily Shot. As an additional point, bitcoin's latest annual consumption equates roughly to that of Poland's.

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