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Assetive5 #3 - Insightful data in bytes

Taking on a decidedly more general information tone as we start out the year.

A1. ARK vs BRK, time is the great equalizer. Interesting chart from the FT. We are starting to see some nascent efforts to rebalance valuations across equity sub classes, but still a way to go regain spreads we had just a few years ago.

A2. With Spotify so in the news of late, I thought this Midia chart provides us with a sense of the market landscape and given that streaming now represents over 60% of global music revenue, we expect added resources to innovate in this field.

A3. Getting us closer to observing and maybe understanding the origins of the universe, the Webb telescope is now deployed and cycling up for its tour of duty to mankind. Interesting to see who and how much the global community contributed to the effort.

A4. When Mother Nature shows her strength, we are left with little to do other than hang on and try and learn from the event. The Tonga volcanic eruption delivered devastating force that we frankly cannot comprehend. Coming across this satellite image of the eruption overlayed on a map of France really delivers that message with impact.

A5. We have not heard of any of these, but am interested and willing to brave a few.

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